We offer necklaces, bracelets, and anklets

BB’s Jewelry Bar does pop ups at local boutiques, festivals, and breweries. BB’s jewelry does not have a clasp. Instead the ends are welded safely or “zapped” together ! 

Like any other jewelry piece, there will be normal wear and tear. Depending on your life style and care for your permanent bracelet, it can last a lifetime. If you happen to snag it you can come to any of our pop ups and we will fix it for free!

Perfect for best friends, couples, siblings, parents and children. 

100% safe 

Not your grandmother's jewelry

BB's Jewelry Bar

BB's Jewelry Bar

Whether you want a promise bracelet with your significant other or a matching piece of jewelry with your loved ones, you can consider getting a permanent bracelet.
Since it's welded together, it can stand for how strong your bonds are with the people you have matching chains with or how committed you are to your relationship.

It's a great piece to get with your partner, family members, or even best friends!

Commemorate a Relationship

Did you reach a milestone in life? Did you finally achieve a goal you've worked hard for? Is there a significant event in your life that you want to remember for as long as you can remember?

There are many ways to remember these memories, and a permanent bracelet would be great. Whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of the good memories linked to this jewelry when you got it.

Celebrate a Momentous Occasion

Since it's permanently linked, you don't have to worry about taking it off and putting it on when needed. It's sturdy with minimal maintenance, so it's convenient to have on.


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BB's Jewelry Bar

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